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Power Up Watersports, Destin

At Power Up Watersports, Destin, FL, we currently offer a Hydro flight ride on our Flyboard, Jet Skis and Pontoon boats.

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Power Up Watersports, Milton

For our Milton location, we offer Jet Skis, Pontoon Boats, Kayaks, Paddle boards and Aqua Trikes to excite your journey!

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We are the most sought out Flyboard, Jet Ski and Pontoon Boat rental in Destin, FL because of our earned reputation. Ever looked at the ocean and wondered what it would feel like to slice through the water? Or maybe cut through the ocean air with its saltiness sweeping your hair back? Well you’re in luck! It’s time to make your dreams a reality with our help at Power Up Watersports. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or just a fun way to spend time on the water, Power Up Watersports on the Emerald Coast will exceed your expectations.

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Our greatest attraction – Flyboard – is brand new to the Emerald Coast. You can say that Flyboarding is a two in one sport. You’re in the water, but you’re flying! It’s a magical experience waiting to wow you. So go pick up your phone and give us a call today to schedule your Flyboard experience. You can also reserve your spot online. While you’re here, you can take advantage of our shockingly modest prices on pontoon boat rentals and Jet Ski rentals. These Pontoon Boats and Jet Skis are a gift for thrill seekers. They provide a fun, energising, and thrilling ride across the water.

Are you the adventure type? Our Jet Ski rentals are for you! With the ability to accommodate 3 people, you and your guests will have a rush of a lifetime! No? Looking for a slow cruise? Then our Pontoon boat rentals are what you’re looking for! Our Pontoon boat rentals can hold up to 12 people, giving you, your friends and/or family plenty of space to relax while you take a cruise along the Emerald Coast and be the captain of your own ship!

So join us while we do our best to make this a place for adventure seekers like you. Come on aboard and make unforgettable memories with our help at Power Up Watersports.